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Clinical Trials are an integral part of the pharmaceutical process, but they can be lengthy and costly. With the Body Volume Index API, you can access a broad range of body and health risk data from trial volunteers, during the trial or even at the initial recruitment stage. 
At the Pharmacy

 Streamlining Data Collection and Monitoring of Volunteers' Health Data

If a trial requires specific volunteers, their body shapes and measurements can be identified through the data. Volunteers’ data can also be tracked which would help to monitor the effects a drug is having on their body during a trial.

BVI Grid Background_3x.png

Benefits of the API for the Pharmaceutical Industry 

Interior of Pharmacy

Optimise  Pharmaceutical Research and Development with BVI

Discover the range of tailored plans and services offered by BVI that will elevate your offerings and help you achieve remarkable results. Sign up today and unlock the power of precise body composition analysis. Visit our FAQ page for additional details, and let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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