The myBVI App

myBVI allows a patient to measure themselves privately at home, with the ability to track and monitor changes in their body composition over time as part of a weight management program or patient care generally.


Join the mission to replace BMI for a measurement more suited to the 21st Century!

Using any smartphone, myBVI allows easy quick access to body composition data for the patient to help monitor their own weight loss journey. The outputs are:

Total Body Fat

Visceral Fat​

Waist Circumference

Waist to Hip Ratio

Waist to Height Ratio


3D body measurement at your fingertips

Instead of measuring weight or BMI alone, our app gives insights usually only accessible when using expensive, bulky machinery and hardware.

  • Get real-time, accurate body composition data

  • Monitor your progress and see results over time

  • Easily track your weight loss journey

  • Get feedback that can help you achieve your goals


myBVI is the first app to offer accurate body composition data through pictures. Monitor your weight loss journey with ease!

Get real-time, accurate body composition readings to help monitor your weight loss journey. When you download the myBVI app you will receive unlimited scans allowing you to monitor not only your own body composition, but if you are a personal trainer, gym regular our app offers the opportunity to scan in two person mode. Making the myBVI app perfect for gym use, doctors or anywhere!

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Download Available Now!

Join our community on a journey to better health, and start measuring and monitoring your body composition with the myBVI app! Available to both iOS and Android users.

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