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BVI Pro is an app designed to allow professionals to collect a comprehensive range of patient/ client health data using BVI.

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The myBVI app is designed to be your personal health companion. It provides an easy way to measure, track, and enhance your well-being by measuring both the inside and outside of your body.


No wearables, no smart scales – myBVI simplifies health monitoring, putting you in control of your health journey without the need for additional devices.

Track your body composition effortlessly in the comfort of your home, taking less than a minute to gather valuable insights. 


After a quick scan, myBVI delivers four key health measures

  • Total Body Fat Percentage 

  • Visceral Fat

  • Waist-to-Hip Ratio

  • Waist-to-Height Ratio

These metrics, recognised as superior indicators of health risk compared to BMI, are presented on a graph to aid understanding of how your body is changing over time. 

Take charge of your well-being with myBVI – where a better understanding of your body leads to a healthier you.


Begin your health journey now by downloading myBVI and start monitoring and tracking your progress.

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