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It is widely accepted that the Body Mass Index (BMI) has many limitations, however, it is still used as the standard measure of obesity in healthcare. 
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Introducing the Body Volume Index (BVI) API: Improving Patient Care with Digital Images

With the Body Volume Index (BVI) API, healthcare professionals can access a range of patient health data without having to ask the patient to come into the Practice. All that is needed is for them to take two digital images of themselves. Patient data can then be accessed by those that need it to improve patient care and to help streamline operational procedures.

BVI Grid Background_3x.png

Benefits of the API for Healthcare Professionals


Revolutionise Patient Care with BVI's Advanced Body Composition Analysis

Discover the range of tailored plans and services offered by BVI that will elevate your offerings and help you achieve remarkable results. Sign up today and unlock the power of precise body composition analysis. Visit our FAQ page for additional details, and let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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