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What does BVI mean?

BVI is an acronym for the Body Volume Index. BVI technology is the world’s first system for body volume; specifically measuring total body fat, visceral fat, waist-to-hip ratio, waist circumference as well as providing a unique BVI health indicator number. BVI uses patented 3D technology - the first time an affordable and easily accessible method has been available to professionals to measure body volume.

Who developed BVI?

BVI was developed by Select Research in collaboration with international research and medical organisations, such as Mayo Clinic. BVI America has secured the commercial rights for BVI from Select Research for the US and Canadian regions.

How long did BVI take to develop?

The idea for BVI was conceived at the turn of the millennium and software and clinical development started in 2004. In March 2007 an initial software application using 3D full-body scanners was released and a 12-year R&D program started with Mayo Clinic and the Medical Research Council as the main collaborators. In May 2017 a new mobile application using an iPad was released and this has now been superseded by the new Software Development Kit (SDK), released in July 2019. The new SDK will allow companies to integrate BVI data into their existing platforms and services.

Who has been involved in external collaboration and validation?

There have been significant and high-profile collaborators involved in the development of BVI over the past twelve years.

Has BVI received certification and review?

Yes – BVI is certified as a Class 1 Medical Device by the MHRA and has achieved CE Marking throughout Europe. In the US, the FDA has reviewed BVI and considered it to be a ‘general wellness’ product, therefore, allowing for widespread use amongst companies and with patients.

How does BVI measure visceral fat just from a smartphone?

BVI has been developed by fusing the data from thousands of 3D body scans which contain volume and linear data and then matching these with MRI data from the same people which have been analysed to calculate visceral and total body fat. For BVI unique algorithms have been created which allow the body shape of a person to be measured and then an indication of their total body fat and visceral fat to be determined. We understand that the largest collection of 3D body scans and full-body MRI scans in the world have been used to create these algorithms.

Does the BVI system retain any of our data?

No – all data remains with the client and we do not keep any of the data.

Will there be any more features added in time?

Here at BVI our mission is to enable individuals to take control of their own health, to live longer and happier lives free from the worry of obesity-related disease – to ensure that users and clients have the best experience when using our technology we are consistently updating and making improvements to our technology where required.

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