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Nutrition & Wellness

The Wellness industry has taken off in the last few years, with many people wishing for a happier, healthier lifestyle. As a result, many apps and websites have emerged to help people do that, in particular, by helping them change their diets to become more nutritious. 
Nutritional Cooking

Integrating BVI into Wellness Apps and Websites

The Body Volume Index (BVI) can help you integrate new data into your product to give your customers a new way to measure how the dietary changes have altered their fat levels and health risk. 

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Benefits of the API for the Nutrition & Wellness Industry 

Calorie Count

Personalise Your Wellness Programmes with BVI's Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis

Discover the range of tailored plans and services offered by BVI that will elevate your offerings and help you achieve remarkable results. Sign up today and unlock the power of precise body composition analysis. Visit our FAQ page for additional details, and let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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