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For Developers

Here you can download the API documentation to test it out, plus some resources with text that you can incorporate into user guides if you wish.

If you're looking to explore the comprehensive information and capabilities of our API, you've come to the right place. Our documentation provides developers, businesses, and curious minds with an in-depth understanding of how to integrate and leverage the power of the BVI API. 

Comprehensive guide on poses and image specifications necessary to achieve optimal results with the BVI API. This resource serves as a valuable reference for your user pose guides, providing detailed insights into the specific poses and image requirements that will yield the best outcomes for you. By following these specifications, you can ensure the highest accuracy and effectiveness when utilizing the BVI API.

Access essential tools to seamlessly integrate BVI into your platform or system. Here, you'll find a range of valuable resources available for download, including user pose guides, comprehensive descriptions of the results, and detailed result ranges. These resources have been carefully crafted to assist you in successfully implementing BVI, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration process. 

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