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The use of BMI for insurance cover can lead to incorrect classification of risk, as it identifies some potential customers as obese when they are not. This leads to higher premiums, causing increasing lapse rates, resulting in loss of revenue.
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Benefits of Using the Body Volume Index (BVI) API for Accurate Risk Classification in Insurance

The Body Volume Index (BVI) API allows access to customer health data, including the BVI Health Indicator, proven by Mayo Clinic to be 19% better at predicting metabolic risk than BMI. The API can be used as a stand-alone tool or an extra feature to help re-classify those just above the threshold of obesity using BMI; those with a BMI of 31, 32, or 33, who may or may not actually be obese. 

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Benefits of the API for Insurers 

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Enhance Risk Assessment Accuracy with BVI's Advanced Body Composition Analysis

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