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BVI Risk App & Data Portal

The BVI Risk App & Management Portal is a digital solution for monitoring and engaging with customers during their health risk assessment. With our BVI Risk app, insurance customers or patients can provide their body composition and health risk data, by doing a BVI scan using their smartphone.



ratio by correctly classifying up to 54% of obese BMI cases


as well as delivering cost savings to the customer and the insurer


associated with traditional life insurance underwriting by eliminating waiting times and health exams


which occur in around 10% of policies that are misplaced due to BMI and therefore become unaffordable

How It Works

Where partners do not have an existing app we can provide our BVI Risk App & Management Portal. This allows our clients to deploy a unique scan ID to their customers, granting them access to the BVI Risk app.


The customer downloads the app and completes their scan. In real-time, these results are pushed to the BVI Management Portal. You can then access all customer's health data from the BVI Portal Dashboard.


"XYZ insurance company have been using BVI to refer only applicants with a BMI over 30. This has resulted in re-classification of a staggering 34% of applicants to date into a lower table of premium, with sales conversions in this category increasing by 18%. It is still too early to determine if lapses will decrease, but initial figures based on previous years’ engagement statistics suggest lapses will drop by around 8%"

- XYZ Insurance Company -


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