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Body Volume Index

. . . health measurement for the 21st century

The Body Mass Index (BMI) was invented in 1835, but the Body Volume Index (BVI) now measures Body Composition and Health Risk digitally. 

You can get the new health risk index, plus body composition and other measures, just using our API.


Unlike BMI, BVI measures where the weight is, not what it is.

What is BVI?

The Body Volume Index measures partial weight and volumes, rather than total weight, as the Body Mass Index (BMI) does.

From two digital images, the BVI API scans the body to provide measurements of visceral fat and total body fat, as well as ratios such as waist-to-height and waist-to-hip. The API also allows access to the unique new BVI number and health risk indicator.

Setting up an account allows you to integrate BVI measurements into your own platform to collect as much data as you need.

Young women going to the doctor for a checkup


BMI was invented in 1835 and was never meant to measure individual obesity or individual risk, and that’s where BVI comes in. 


You can integrate the API straight into your app, digital platform or website, to collect accurate reproducible data from anywhere, whenever you want to. 


Measurements can be collected by someone else (e.g. a nurse in a hospital) or by people themselves (e.g. using it at home or in a gym). The API just needs two digital images of a person- that’s all. Any images sent to the API are automatically and always deleted after being processed.

Use the API to get the BVI indicator of Metabolic Risk
Use the API to get Body Composition measurements
Use the API to get Circumferences like waist and hip
Man Measuring Waist with tape measure


BVI has been developed, tested and validated over fifteen years by pioneers in body measurement and healthcare. This has led to the API service you can have today. 


Recent validation has highlighted the improvement of BVI over BMI and technology has advanced, giving us all universal access to high quality digital cameras. This now allows us to offer this solution through the BVI API. 


BVI is now as simple to do as BMI – two digital images processed in a few seconds allows data collection to be done at a scale not possible before. Why not test it out or feel free to download the API documentation to see how easy BVI is to integrate?



How can we use the API?

You pay for what you use and the more paid upfront, the more API calls you receive. Why not set up an account and try it out?

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