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Body Volume Index

. . . the new way to measure obesity and health risk

BVI provides the measures you need to improve your health - just using your smartphone!

Measuring the outside . . . from the inside! The Body Volume Index (BVI) is a new, revolutionary measurement system using 3D body shape technology – a modern-day way to measure obesity and predict health risk using body composition.


Health Insurance

 … If you're an insurer looking for new data to improve underwriting processes and reduce lapses.

Healthcare Professionals

… If you need to distinguish the risk profiles for patients with the same Body Mass Index (BMI) readings.

Gym & Fitness Users

… If you are looking to measure and monitor changes in your body composition, without a machine.

Public Health Bodies

… If you work in public health and need to collect data on populations or part populations at scale to help with COVID-19 or other risk prediction.

Corporate Customers

… If you are an organisation providing health, wellness and fitness solutions and you need new data to measure health risk.

Weight Loss

… If you are on a weight-loss journey, BVI can measure the right type of weight to help you get rid of the wrong type of weight.

BVI can help...

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BVI For Professionals

Are you a business organisation or healthcare provider looking to improve your health assessment process? The digital solutions for BVI can help enterprise customers with health data collection, monitoring end-user health and much more . . . 

myBVI For Users

The Body Mass Index is nearly 180 years old, so isn’t it time you updated the way you measure your health risk? With myBVI, you have instant access to body composition data directly from your smartphone to help you take control of your health and more . . .

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Unlike other technologies, you don’t need a wearable device or use smart scales to be able to monitor health and understand your body composition, body images are not captured and no data is stored anywhere other than in your smartphone.

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Are you a healthcare, fitness or insurance professional looking for more information about our technology?


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Body Volume Index

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