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Upgrade Your Health Monitoring with BVI

The API for Integrating Body Composition Measurement and Health Risk Analysis
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Empowering Industries with Revolutionary Body Volume Analysis

With BVI, every individual is unique and traditional metrics like BMI often fail to capture the full picture of a person’s body shape and composition.

 That is why we have spent the last 15 years developing an innovative API that allows you to access precise and more comprehensive body measurements. This enables you to personalise your products and services to better meet customer needs.


The BVI Pro and myBVI apps are good demonstrations of what can be done with your own products. 

Discover the many benefits that BVI can provide insurers, re-insurers ...

Have a Bespoke Project? Get in touch with our team  to discuss custom options.

The BVI API revolutionises body assessment by accurately measuring body volume, including key ratios and circumferences like waist-to-height and waist-to-hip. With BVI, you can effortlessly integrate the API into your app, digital platform, or website to collect precise and reproducible data anywhere. Discover the potential of BVI in assessing individual obesity and health risk by exploring integration options.

Unlike BMI, developed in 1835 for population measurement purposes, BVI is specifically designed to evaluate individual obesity and health risk. BVI generates accurate measurements of visceral fat, total body fat, and essential ratios. Integrating the BVI API into your healthcare facility, home, or gym is a straightforward process that only requires two digital images of the individual. These images are solely used to create a 3D scan for taking the measurements, ensuring privacy and data security.

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Improve your Health Risk Analysis- The Modern Way to Measure Body Composition

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