BVI allows the user to calculate Visceral Fat and Total Body Fat using AI and mobile phone technology without additional hardware.

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Health Is Where It All Started

BVI was developed to industry standard to provide comprehensive and detailed body shape analysis through simply the use of a smartphone app.

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Supporting pharmaceutical with bVI

Our technology calculates body shape and weight distribution in real-time, providing a tool to enable pharmaceutical corporations to rapidly collect vast amounts of patients data, gather additional body metrics, support clinical trails and much more.

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Insurers helping individuals live longer and healthier lives

BVI can integrate within insurance platforms to provide risk insight and quantifiable data in real-time, allowing behavioural profiles to be designed for policyholders, that can be monitored over time.

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BVI technology has been designed to collect anatomical statistics in real time. With access to a smartphone, this simple technology can be used anywhere to measure body composition. Working alongside government organisations, BVI technology can provide countrywide population statistics, acting as a monitor to current health initiatives. 

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Leading the way in fitness technology

The global fitness industry is rapidly advancing, with new machines coming onto the market for fitness monitoring and as a weight loss aid. BVI technology provides detailed body shape and fat distribution statistics without large machines taking up space in your gym, and comes at a fraction of the cost



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