Body composition measures to monitor health risk - just from a phone!

The Body Volume Index (BVI) is a revolutionary new measurement system using 3D body shape technology as a modern-day way to measure obesity and predict health risk.


BMI and weight do not provide the best measure of physical health. Improving health starts with a better understanding of an individual's body composition. Traditional methods such as bioelectrical impedance, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, body density, and total body water estimates are expensive and unrealistic options for the general population. With over . . .

3.6 Billion smartphone users worldwide (Statista, 2020)

No WIFI or network dependency

No wearables or hardware required

BVI provides an accessible and affordable solution to help measure, monitor and engage those on their journey to better health!


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 The BVI SDK allows you to integrate our technology to monitor, track and measure your client’s visceral fat, total body fat%, waist to hip ratio and risk.

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 Our app allows you to measure and track your body composition digitally, so you can monitor your health journey rather than just a number.

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Find out more about our digital solution for health risk assessment below. Our solution can help aid healthcare providers, insurers and reinsurers.

Looking to improve your health risk assessment ?

With real-time access to body composition data, monitoring end-user health has never been easier than with BVI Risk App and Portal. If you are looking to improve your health risk assessment process, find out more about our innovative digital solution.

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Download Available Now!

Join our community on a journey to better health, and start measuring and monitoring your body composition with the myBVI app! Available to both iOS and Android users.

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