Body Volume Index

The Body Volume Indicator (BVI) is a measurement for healthcare and obesity with over eight years of successful and innovative validation from scientific collaborators around the world.

Using 3D technology, BVI calculates risk factors associated with a person's body shape, by measuring weight and body fat distribution, with particular focus on the abdomen; the area associated with the greatest risk.

BVI is designed to be a long-term addition to the Body Mass Index (BMI); the current recognised standard for measurement of obesity. The intention is for the Body Volume Indicator to become a Body Volume Index by 2020, by which time sufficient data will have been collected globally. Using smartphone technology, BVI data can now be collected anywhere with web or internet access.

Body Volume, as an indicator of health, offers a potential long-term solution as a measure of individual health risk . The film above gives an overview of this new invention and the potential applications for healthcare.