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API Image Specification

The following image guidelines must be followed exactly. Any deviation from the guidelines outlined below may result in the images being rejected or low quality results being returned from the API.

  • The images MUST be exactly 810w x 1080h in pixels.

  • The images MUST have the subject stood in the correct pose (see section 2). Fully frame the subject with their head near the top of the image and their feet near the bottom of the image. The entirety of the subject must be within the bounds of the image i.e. head, hands, feet etc should not be touching or clipping past any edge of the image. 

  • The images MUST have been captured with a maximum of + or - 2 degrees pitch, yaw and roll. In essence, the picture should be taken directly in front of the subject and the device capturing the images should not be tilted or rolled in any direction that may warp the perspective of the image in any axis.

  • The images MUST be captured in a well lit environment with the light source ideally behind the subject so as to not cast shadows directly behind them in the image. They should be captured against a plain background without clutter behind or obstructing the subject in the image.

  • The subject MUST be wearing close fitting clothing for example tight gym wear or underwear.

  • If the subject has long hair it MUST be tied back in a bun behind the head so as to not appear taller in the image. 

Section 2 - Pose

The subject MUST be in the following poses for the front and side images. Any deviation from these poses may result in the images being rejected or low quality results being returned from the API.

Front Pose

For the front pose, the subject MUST stand exactly front on to the device capturing the image. The feet should be shoulder width apart and arms out by their side as shown below. The subject should NOT have their arms all the way out in T or extended star pose.

front pose for bvi technology

Side Pose

For the side pose, the subject MUST stand exactly side on without twisting their body to face the camera. Their feet MUST be together and their arms by their side as shown in the picture below. Their arms/hands MUST NOT encroach outside of the profile of their body.

side pose for bvi technology
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