Using BVI Technology on Your Mobile Device

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BVI Demo App

  • Remove any items of bulky outer clothing to ensure the most accurate scan possible

  • Stand in front of a large wall-mounted mirror and hold the phone at chest height

  • Pull back loose clothing to show your waist and tap the “scan” button

  • Repeat for the side scan

  • When the scan is complete you will be shown your body composition results

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BVI Pro Demo App

  • Using BVI with your patient/client. Firstly, measure height and weight

  • Input Patient/Client data into your mobile device

  • Make sure your patient/client is standing in the correct position

  • Prepare to take front scan

  • Repeat for the side scan

  • Now you can review and discuss body composition results with your patient/client

Body Volume Indicator
Individual Use

Body Volume Indicator
Professional Use