About BVI Pro

The BVI Pro app is the world’s first and only professional app for body volume; specifically measuring total body fat, visceral fat, waist-to-hip ratio, abdomen volume and BMI, as well as providing a unique BVI health indicator number. The BVI Pro app has been validated against MRI; the recognized ‘gold standard’ for body composition.

BVI uses patented 3D Body Volume Imaging technology. This is the first time that an affordable and easily accessible method has been available to medical professionals to measure a patient's or client's body volume on a regular basis.

Through the BVI Pro app, all data can be uploaded to the professional's patient electronic records to support ongoing measurement tracking. The BVI Pro app further allows anonymous data to be submitted which will continue to validate and improve the accuracy of BVI.

Medical, clinical and fitness professionals can download the BVI Pro app on iPad or iPhone, that is updated with iOS 10.2 BVI Pro can be found with an iPad or iPhone on iTunes for a free trial, with the option of in-app purchasing for continued use.

BVI is patented in the US and all 28 European countries; it is the only app capable of measuring part body volume of a human in 3D. 


Easily accessible 


Distinguishes body volume between, age, gender and body shape

All data can be uploaded to electronic records, supporting ongoing tracking

How to Use the BVI 

BVI accurately calculates an individual’s weight distribution, and assesses their risk of obesity and other health issues. This allows for affordable long-term tracking.

The data is processed as silhouettes through BVI software, from which a 3D body image is generated that can be analysed to show differentiation in body volumes between people with the same background e.g. gender and age. BVI’s software uses extensive body composition data gathered over a period of 10 years by the Mayo Clinic and the Medical Research Council, a UK Government agency, utilizing the largest database of full-body recorded MRIs in the world.

BVI divides the body into seven sections (chest, abdomen, pelvis, both arms and both legs) so that the volume of different body parts and body composition can be calculated individually. From extensive MRI data, BVI software is able to calculate the fat that can be deemed to have accumulated near the individual’s organs. The results will provide accurate measurements for waist to hip ratio, BMI, total body volume, visceral fat and BVI number (validated by Mayo Clinic) with which to gauge individual health. 

Once a user is familiar with the data collection process for BVI, patients can be measured using the BVI Pro with the data being stored securely on your own BVI Account.

This data can be accessed by secure login from any iPad or iPhone and then sent subsequently by e-mail to your PC or patient record system. Should you wish to do so, the data can then be integrated and combined with other information about your clients or patients, to provide other insights and allow for the tracking of patient data over time. 


The backdrop where the images are taken must be in contrast to the color of their clothing. Underwear or close-fitting clothing is essential for accuracy.

When the user is satisfied with the generated outline, the images will be submitted to the BVI Pro database. Results will be generated in under a minute. The original photographs are deleted before the data is sent.




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