BVI Software Development Kit

This Software Development Kit (SDK) product allows you to integrate BVI technology into your own on-line product offering and you would be supplied with all the tools and guidance to integrate this yourselves. The outputs are:


- Total Body Fat

- Visceral Fat

- Waist Circumference 

- Waist to Hip Ratio 


User Retention

Increases when used within wellness programmes

Data Collection

Identifiable, aggregated or anonymised results

Increase Engagement

with weight loss programmes

Generate Revenue

from in-app purchase opportunities

How it works

The BVI SDK is an easy option should you wish to improve your health risk testing with BVI's measurement process.


Our SDK is easy to integrate and can sit within your app, website or ERM system to help improve your health risk assessment process.


BMI or weight do not provide the best measure of physical health. BVI uses your smartphone camera to analyse body fat and composition, a better indicator of health than weight or BMI alone. 


“We currently only give health benefits to middle management, but the insights provided by BVI across the wider workforce have really helped us to improve staff health and reduce the number of sick days. BVI technology really benefits shop floor workers as there is currently nothing in place for them, where obesity-related sick days can be a real problem and the key staff members tend to be of a demographic (age, health and fitness) that seem to suit BVI.”  

- a FTSE 250 retailer -

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Interested in integrating our digital solution?

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