“Measuring The Health of a Nation”

Body Volume Indicator technology has been designed to collect anatomical statistics in real time. With access to a smartphone BVI can be used anywhere to calculate body composition. Working alongside government organisations and policy makers, BVI technology can provide countrywide population statistics, acting as a monitor to current health initiatives, such as tracking levels of total body fat, visceral fat or BMI.

This is demonstrated in the recent launch of the Shape GB app. This project, funded by the UK Government, using Body Volume technology to ‘measure the nation’.

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Population Monitoring and Tracking

BVI provides data that can be used to monitor public health campaigns. Our tracking feature allows individuals to monitor their change in body composition, it can also integrate within public health records to ensure government data is recorded in real time and individual health records are maintained.

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Health & Wellness

BVI acts as an educational, motivational tool. Helping individuals take control of their own health, by identifying those at risk of weight-related diseases, the appropriate clinical pathway can be decided between clinician and patient. Early stage intervention can significantly reduce public health costs.


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Try it out yourself . . .

You can try out our technology and different use cases with the BVI demo app. At this time we provide the app by request.



  • Processing and tracking of key health risk indicators

  • First time ever that this technology is available, without any hardware required

  • Portable, instant and available for wherever you or your client feel most comfortable