BVI Technology used in Shape GB UK Sizing Survey

Revolutionary BVI technology is now being employed to measure the UK population, with the intention of reducing clothing returns due to incorrect fit. The Shape GB survey is being managed by Select Research and backed by the UK government and a consortium of national retailers. The project aims to measure adults in Britain to ascertain the current shape and size of the population. It will be the most comprehensive of it’s kind to create a national representative sample of body shape.  


The Shape GB app (to download app click here) has been designed especially for the survey and employs the volumetric 3D measurement and 3D linear measurement BVI system. The technology requires two images, which are captured using the app and some basic personal details. A unique 3D avatar is produced and the original images deleted. Weight distribution is calculated from the 3D avatar, across seven anatomical areas; arms, legs, chest, pelvis, and abdomen. This generates detailed body shape and size measurements.


The survey will be run for five months and will measure a minimum of 30,000 men and women across Britain. Anonymised data from the survey will be combined, providing retailers with detailed data on the shape and size of Britain.   To find out more about the survey and the technology behind it, please click here


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