Daily Dot - How photos can be used to analyze your health

The Daily Dot discusses the benefits of being able to use photography to analyse health.


You’ve heard a photo can tell a thousand words, but you may not realize a photo can also tell a thousand data points. In the age of smartphones and AI, companies can analyze your health, overall wellness, and even your estimated life expectancy—just from a photo.

An app called BVI Pro is perhaps the latest to venture into this area. Just launched earlier this week on iPad, the BVI Pro app uses two photos—a head-on shot and shot of your profile—to estimate your body volume. This should give you a more complete picture of your internal health. Select Research, the company behind the app, also eventually hopes to gather enough data to prove to leading governmental and global health bodies that BVI is a more accurate indicator of health than the current standard, BMI.

Written by Christina Bonnington


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