New Year, New You. Sort of.

Health and fitness tips for normal people.

So you may have read my previous blog post about fun ways to burn Christmas calories, but now Christmas is well and truly a distant memory it’s time to get serious. Sort of. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably considering (and I use the term lightly) dusting off the scales and getting a bit of perspective on the health front after the excess of the holidays.

I don’t really think we’re ever likely to have a year like 2020 again and, as the old adage goes, out with the old and in with the new. As with every New Year comes my usual promise of getting fitter and healthier with (shattered) dreams of fitting into clothes I owned far too many years ago. Now I am the first to admit that my newfound commitment to health and fitness is highly unlikely to extend past March, but at least that means I’ve got a few months to really get into shape and form a few new habits that will hopefully stick around for the rest of the year. You’ve got to at least try, right?

With this resolution, unfortunately, come many distressing memories, such as looking like post-meltdown Britney during a circuit class while the exceptionally gorgeous teacher, who I swear did not own sweat glands, tells you rather loudly in front of everybody that this might not be the best class for you; or deciding that bounce fit looked like hilarious fun but the subsequent sprained ankle wasn’t very much fun at all; or that time when, at a Zumba class, you got that dizzy you fell off the stage and landed on your daughters year 1 teacher; or the memory of your foot getting stuck in a pedal on a spin bike and collapsing (with the bike) in a rather sweaty heap….the list goes on…..

Firstly, I’ve decided to start monitoring my health, rather than my weight. One thing I have become acutely aware of in recent months is the need to understand visceral fat, rather than look at just my BMI. Visceral fat is the really toxic fat that accumulates around vital organs, thus causing health problems. If the Covid pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that excess weight is the leading contributor to hospitalisation and death for Covid patients, and I certainly don’t want to ever fall into either category. Unfortunately, BMI is a poor measure of obesity and doesn’t provide an adequate health risk indicator for the majority of the population. A number of studies carried out during 2020 have proven that visceral fat, rather than BMI or weight, is the best measure of risk for Covid and general health. Subsequently, I am now monitoring my visceral fat with the easy-to-use BVI app. This special offer price of 99p gives me unlimited scans, meaning this is definitely one habit that won’t cost me anything to stick with all year round. BVI which works by taking a 3D scan of your body and delivery results in just a few seconds. Plus, nothing is more satisfying than reminding your doctor that even though you may fall into the red/orange box of the BMI chart you are actually rather healthy.

Secondly, as burning calories is the best way to reduce the excess visceral fat built up over Christmas, I really need to get into the habit of regular exercise. I don’t have the best track record of maintaining my regular gym visits, or, unless you include the obligatory twice-daily dog walks, sticking to any form of exercise at all in fact. I think that’s because I’ve never really found anything I love or that doesn’t come with a distressing memory, so I’ve decided to create a list of every day more enjoyable activities that I can easily do, and list of more vigorous exercises I can try until I find something that suits me and fits around my lifestyle.

Now I’m not saying I’m swayed by which one burns the most calories (I totally am - more calories = less exercise, right?), but just in case this piques your interest I’ve put together my lists to share with you together with the calories you could burn in either 30 mins or 1 hour of exercise.

It’s probably also worth adding that sexy time burns more than 4000 calories per hour. To be honest, I’d be very impressed if you can keep at it for that long, but at 69 calories per minute, that’s got to go to the top of the list, surely?


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