A #Blogmas Collection: 10 Posts You’ve Gotta Read!

Do you spend hours scouring the internet for easy ways to improve your health?

No? Well, you needn’t start now, we’ve got you covered!

We all need a helping hand every now and then, especially when it comes to health. Here are 10 posts you’ve gotta read to keep your health in check this Christmas...


The core beliefs of Expertrain are to - inform, motivate and inspire, and take our word for it, that is precisely what they do. Their site is full to the brim with health and fitness information posted online to help you. The post we are sharing with you today is their informative and easy to follow - Do's and Don’ts for eating healthily this Christmas. Check it out!

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Carly Rowena

Now if you haven’t heard of Carly Rowena, where have you been? Carly Rowena is a personal trainer from Norwich. She currently has over 390,000 subscribers on YouTube where she posts fitness and lifestyle videos. If you like us find Christmas guides super helpful be sure to read her blog ‘Best Fitness Gifts for 2020’ to find the perfect gift for a fitness friend or loved one in your life.

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Be Healthy Now

Another really useful resource, if you are looking to improve your health, is the ‘Be Healthy Now’ blog. This blog focuses on healthy lifestyle and natural living, with a goal to educate, inform, motivate and inspire people to help them be healthier. Staying fit, healthy, and happy over the dark winter months can be challenging, but don’t worry ‘Be Healthy Now’ have you covered, check out their latest blog full of useful tips on how to boost your wellbeing this winter.

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At mindbodygreen, they take a 360-degree approach to wellness that incorporates mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and environmental well-being. They share an incredible variety of posts including food, exercises and mindfulness to support their readers. If you are looking for simple ways to improve your metabolic health, we are sharing their 10 Smart ways of doing so. Find out more below.

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At Ace, they believe movement is at the core of what it means to feel healthy, to feel alive, and to engage in the human experience. Whether you're a beginning exerciser who needs help getting started or someone who wants to add some spice to your fitness routine, check out their extremely useful ‘Exercise Database & Library, where you can browse through total-body exercises or movements that target more specific areas of the body.

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Wellbeing People

Although the clue is in the name, Wellbeing People engage, educate and empower individuals to achieve optimal wellbeing and live their best lives. No matter where you are in your own journey, Wellbeing people have an abundance of resources, tips and advice to help you practice and improve your personal wellbeing. If you like me are trying to strengthen your immune system, Wellbeing People have written a very useful post with 6 ways to strengthen your immune system, check it out below.

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Horder Healthcare

Christmas is a time for eating, drinking and being merry. This also means the holiday period is notoriously difficult for our healthy eating habits and exercise regimes. Not to worry though Horder Healthcare has you covered with their useful tips on ‘How to Stay Healthy This Christmas’.

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Wild Nutrition

We all know healthy habits go out the window in the festive period, but it doesn’t have to be that way! So if you are looking for some helpful tips and trick to help keep your nutrition on track this Christmas, check out these ‘6 Nutrition tips for a healthy Christmas’ by Wild Nutrition.

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Men’s Health

Now I can tell you one thing this certainly will not be how I will be starting my Christmas, but if you're going to do a workout on Christmas day, why not give this Men’s Health Christmas Day workout a try - no equipment required. Not only have they put together a wicked EMOM session that hits your chest, abs and legs - but it’s accompanied with some really helpful visuals!

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If you are looking for thoughtful presents for the mind and body-conscious, Self have you covered this Christmas with their ‘40 Wellness Gifts for the Health Fanatic in Your Life’. From kitsch journals to Scalp Gua Sha (yep - never heard of this one before either) you won’t be stuck for ideas here.

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As always we love to hear from you. What are your favourite healthy posts you have found this year? Do you read the ones we have listed? Why or why not? Let us know in the comment section.


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