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BVI technology calculates total body fat, visceral fat, waist to hip ratio and waist circumference in real-time. This provides a platform to enable pharmaceutical companies to rapidly and simply collect vast amounts of patient body composition data for clinical trials and product development.


Pharma Retail

Pharma Retail

With more pharmaceutical retailers being aware of the opportunity to provide services that would otherwise place a strain on public healthcare, opting to provide BVI body composition analysis is an affordable and highly effective solution. Our BVI API can integrate within current health apps to provide users with their visceral fat and total body fat. This information can help to ensure users are directed to the right products to assist with their health or fitness journey. 


Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

BVI can provide real time body composition data for clinical trials without the need for hardware or machines. Developed in collaboration with the number one medical research facility in the USA, the Mayo Clinic, the proven success of BVI can also help researchers gather empirical evidence, gain increased body metrics and record or track changes in body composition for: Recruitment of trial subjects, Accessibility, Continual monitoring, Automation.

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BVI provides real-time data for remote monitoring purposes, enabling clinicians to monitor a patient’s body composition remotely. Using BVI Technology can help gather empirical evidence, gain increased body metrics and record or track changes in body composition


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