Our Technology

BVI uses scientific analysis of body composition by capturing a 3D scan of the human body. This is done by using the camera of a mobile phone to capture body data. There is no need for another person to hold the phone – scans are captured ‘selfie’ style in the comfort of the user’s own home and no images are stored, so personal data is secure.


Results are scientifically interpreted to calculate body volume, providing an overall indication of the applicant's health and risk. BVI can either supplement or replace the need for traditional invasive health risk testing.

Computer Vision

Ensures the scan is accurately captured and the body correctly identified in the camera viewfinder.

Machine Learning

Ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

Real-Time Data

Data is delivered immediately, providing cost and efficiency savings.

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BVI Validation

For an introduction to the validation behind BVI technology, see our validation overview below.


Want to learn more?

For more information on our digital solutions for health risk assessment, visit our resources page.

"The new way to assess body shape, body composition and associated health risks"

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