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The Body Volume Index (BVI) has been developed by Select Research. BVI is a motivational tool for the volume of body fat and visceral (internal) fat related to fitness and health.

In a UK National Health Service survey,  97% of medical professionals agreed that BVI was a valuable tool for weight management. BVI indicates the risks associated with the distribution of weight; where greater or less volume is in a given region, for example the area of the abdomen where visceral (toxic internal) fat is located.

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“Over half of adults are incorrectly classified as obese and overweight using BMI.”

In the US alone this equates to 54m adults. BVI ensures accurate and efficient prediction of health risk without the need for invasive medical examination. This enables patients to be directed to the correct clinical pathway, ensuring the correct treatment first time, reducing costs and resources.

BVI can help…

… If you are an insurer looking to improve your underwriting process to reduce lapses caused by BMI.

… If you are a healthcare professional looking to provide a better risk profile for your patient(s).

… If you go to the gym or workout and are looking to monitor your body composition digitally.

… If you are a public health official looking to collect population data at scale.

… If you have your own app, system or web integration that measures health or health risk.

… If you are on a weight-loss journey, BVI helps you realise where your weight is distributed.


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