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Outdated methods of body fat measurement are now a thing of the past. BMI was developed in the 1830s. Our BVI technology provides a revolutionary way to "look inside" the human body to measure visceral fat, giving an accurate estimate of the body’s fat distribution. Our easy to use BVI tool can directly integrate with your systems through our unique API to provide a realistic indication of one of the most significant health factors: visceral body fat.


We have built a patented digital algorithm that can calculate body fat distribution. This algorithm has evolved into a powerful digital tool which calculates visceral fat and total body fat via two images taken on a smartphone. From these measurements our BVI algorithm calculates percentage total body fat, visceral fat in litres and BMI. In addition, these results are displayed as color zoned measurements, enabling the end user to easily interpret their results.


Now you can integrate this revolutionary tool into your app or system

A BVI API integration on your app or system brings new, innovative and patent-protected technology for body composition calculation to your business. BVI API provides a breakthrough in ease of use, costs and speed of calculating body composition and doesn’t require any hardware. So if you are using BMI as an indicator on your app, now is the time to upgrade!

Depending on your business needs and digital platform there is a BVI API option to suit your requirements

BVI Image for your app


BVI Image is a powerful digital tool which is based on BVI imaging technology.  Accessed via your app, BVI Image can be used to capture detailed body composition data, and display results on a smartphone.


BVI Image requires the end user to take two selfie photos, taken front and side on in a full length mirror. Slider positions to identify body points can be used and are sent to our server for measurement calculation.  The photos may be deleted in the app, or can be sent to the BVI server, with a standardized image being returned for future comparison purposes if required. From this data BVI Image calculates percentage total body fat, visceral fat in litres and BMI.

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