BVI (Body Volume Index) offers body composition analysis, our technology can be easily integrated into healthcare, wellness and fitness platforms or systems to act as a monitoring tool for health, fitness and health insurance initiatives where a health assessment is required.

What is BVI?

The Body Volume Index (BVI) is a revolutionary, new measurement designed using 3D technology to create a viable and modern-day application to measure and predict obesity and the health risk of an individual.

Following 12 + years of R&D, BVI has evolved into a powerful digital tool which calculates, monitors and tracks key health risk indicators - over and above BMI.


Our Innovative Technology

BVI has been developed in collaboration with a number of academic, research and co-operative partners and validated by the University of Westminster and the University of Gloucestershire. BVI is the only product in the world to calculate visceral fat just using a smartphone.


To find out more about how BVI can work for your organisation take a look at our solutions below:

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