Select Research the creators of BVI, have undertaken a wide range of research projects and are pioneers of 3D body measurement in healthcare.

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Please visit our website Select Research for the full history behind the creation of the Body Volume System .


What We Do

Over the last 25 years Select Research have re-defined the process of 3D scanning of the human body for measurement of obesity and health risk. This has been achieved using the new Body Volume System, the foundation behind the Body Volume Indicator; a potential alternative to the Body Mass Index. Interest in BVI has been growing, both in the public health and insurance sectors, given the numerous potential benefits.

Who We Are?

The main headquarters of Select Research which service global clients are at Malvern Hills Science Park, part of the UK's central technology belt. BVI America LLC, a subsidiary business set up in Philadelphia delivers body volume technology across to US businesses and users. We are recognised as one of the leading companies in the world for 3D human body measurement, pioneering the use of 3D scanning in healthcare, wellness & fitness.


OUR MISSION IS to enable individuals to take control of their own health, to live longer and happier lives free from the worry of obesity related disease. 


Want to Learn More?

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