Understanding Your Health with BVI

3D Health Measurement At Your Fingertips

BMI or weight do not provide the best measure of physical health. BVI uses your smartphone camera to analyse body fat and composition, a better indicator of health than weight or BMI alone. Your personalised journey allows you to track your body composition over time so you can focus on your health rather than just your weight.

myBVI helps you to...

Better Your Health

The myBVI app offers never before access to health data; over and above BMI.

Track Your Progress

Your data is saved directly to your device allowing you to monitor your progress.

Understand Your Body

Using better health measures myBVI allows you to understand your body composition.

Using the myBVI app

Here is a short video to show how to take your BVI scan using the myBVI app. Available to download!

Why should I use the myBVI app?

Health is Wealth

In the myBVI app, there are three health measures provided. These health measures are Total Body Fat Percentage, Visceral Fat, and Waist to Hip Ratio. All better indicators of health than BMI. There are different risk levels shown visually through a traffic light system of colors and a numerical value. We advise that users aim to stay in the green category.

Monitor Health

Health monitoring is very important for prevention, particularly if the early detection of diseases can reduce suffering and medical costs. You live in your body every day, which makes you the best judge of your own health. Monitoring your health provides more accurate medical history information that you can share with your doctor or GP.

Your Device

Unlike other technologies, you don’t need a wearable device or use smart scales to be able to monitor your health and understand your body composition. No images are captured and no data is stored anywhere other than in your smartphone.

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Unlike other technologies, you don’t need a wearable device or use smart scales to be able to monitor health and understand your body composition, body images are not captured and no data is stored anywhere other than in your smartphone.

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