Are you on a journey to better your health?

With myBVI monitoring your weight-loss efforts has never been easier! BMI or weight do not provide the full picture of health - so why not update the way you measure your health journey? Monitor your body composition, join the community and utilise our resources, make your health journey more measurable!


myBVI helps you

Take control of your health

Your body composition results are saved directly to your device allowing you to monitor your progress and share your results with your trainer or doctor

Track more than a number

BMI or weight do not provide the best measure of individual health. Our app gives you actionable data, to make help you better decisions

Better understand your body

 Track your body health using better measures, body composition, so you can focus on your journey to better health rather than just your weight

How does myBVI work

Taking a scan using the myBVI app is simple. All you need is your smartphone, tight fitted clothing and your personal information eg; height, weight and activity level. The choice is then yours as to whether you would like to take your own scan or have someone help you. 


Once your scan is complete you will be able to view and monitor your results in your data dashboard - where you can monitor your efforts.

Why myBVI?

Unlike other technologies, you don’t need a wearable device or use smart scales to be able to monitor health and understand your body composition, body images are not captured and no data is stored anywhere other than in your smartphone.

Become a BVI

If you would like to support us on our mission to replace BMI for a measurement more suited to the 21st Century, find out more below!