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Every healthcare provider needs to improve and better identify risk, distinguishing those most at need - for that, you do need better data to make better decisions.

BVI, unlike other technologies, does not need a machine, a wearable or smart scales to monitor health and understand body composition. Results are scientifically interpreted by calculating body composition using 3D technology, providing an overall indication of your health and risk, supplementing the more traditional and invasive health risk testing.

How BVI works?

BVI gathers body composition data by capturing a 3D scan of the human body from a smartphone. This is based on twelve years of rigorous testing and validation using the most comprehensive body composition datasets in the world.  Please enter your email address for a more comprehensive overview of our products and solutions.

Who developed BVI?

Select Research, the creators of BVI, have been pioneers of 3D measurement of the body for over 20 years. They initiated using 3D scans for the measurement of obesity and, together with their collaborators, have evaluated the risks to health from having different volumes or weight distributions. Please see below for more information on the development story of BVI.

FAQ's & Validation

Since validation commenced in 2008, interest and acceptance of BVI as a new measure of obesity has been consistently increasing, across healthcare, public health, fitness and insurance. These FAQ’s should answer the more commonly asked questions about BVI, but if you can’t find the answer you are looking for – please feel free to contact us . . .

Resources & Insights

If you want to integrate our solution into your own system or platform, please take advantage of our downloadable resources where you will find an abundance of resources on our digital solutions. Here you can find further information about our technology, but feel free to get in touch if you are looking for a particular enterprise solution, we are always happy to help.

Our Digital Solutions

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Our myBVI app can track, monitor, and motivate. With never before access to body composition data directly through your smartphone, myBVI helps your customers to take control of their health.

BVI Risk and Portal

Where partners do not have an existing app we can provide our BVI Risk App & Management Portal. Allowing clients to deploy an app to their clients and access the health data dashboard.

Interested in integrating BVI?

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Body Volume Index

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