BVI For Corporate Use

BVI, unlike other technologies, does not need expensive hardware, wearables or smart scales to monitor individual health risk and body composition. You can easily integrate BVI into your own mobile platforms.


Health Insurers

 … If you're an insurer looking for new data to improve underwriting processes and reduce lapses.

Public Health

… If you work in public health and need to collect data on populations at scale to help with COVID-19 or other risk predictions.

Healthcare Professionals

… If you need to distinguish the risk profiles for patients with the same Body Mass Index (BMI) readings.

Corporate Customers

… If you are an organisation providing health, wellness and fitness solutions and you need new data to measure internal success and health risk.

Gym & Fitness Users

… If you are looking to measure and monitor changes in your body composition, without a machine.

Weight Loss

… If you are on a weight-loss journey, BVI can measure the right type of weight to help you get rid of the wrong type of weight.

Measure, Monitor & Engage

Results are scientifically interpreted by calculating body composition using 3D technology in a smartphone app. Providing an overall indication of health and risk, supplementing the more traditional and invasive health risk testing.


BVI offers the ability to monitor and measure body composition and health risk using our innovative BVI system. With use cases in insurance underwriting, CRM for Healthcare and Fitness and increasing in-app engagement take a look at our digital solutions below.

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 Our SDK, App and Portal solutions, allow you to monitor, track and measure your client’s visceral fat, total body fat%, waist to hip ratio and risk indicator.

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 Our app allows you to measure and track your body composition digitally, so you can monitor your health journey rather than just a number.

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If you would like to support us on our mission to replace BMI for a measurement more suited to the 21st Century find out more below.



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