Global data collection for insurers

Combining our extensive experience with scientific innovation, Select Research have developed the BVI API to integrate within insurance platforms to assist clients in controlling their risk.  Using our scientific data from Mayo Clinic medical research, BVI can provide additional health risk indication, which is no longer purely based on the client’s BMI.

Not only can BVI technology help to identify your risk as an insurer, it can also support the end user healthier lifestyle plan by taking control of their own health.  BVI technology enables the insurance sector to reward healthy behavior, which in turn lowers risk and enables insurers to design policies that are tailored to a specific individual.  End user management of body composition can help to significantly reduce the risk of obesity related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancers, thus reducing premature death, unnecessary illness and ultimately insurer risk.

The BVI portfolio includes the BVI Pro app, which calculates detailed body composition, fat distribution analysis and health risk, and the BVI API, our white labelled product that calculates total body fat and visceral fat from selfie images. Both these products can be employed by insurers to provide risk insight and quantifiable data in real-time, allowing behavioral profiles to be designed for policyholders, that can be monitored over time.

Benefits of BVI for Insurers




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