'Businesses? If you are using BMI, you should be using BVI...Now available in an API'

API Image provides: total body fat, visceral fat, BMI and body shape images

The API allows businesses to incorporate body composition analysis into their smartphone apps.

Breakthrough BVI technology has been developed as an addition to BMI. BVI measures body weight distribution, instead of relying on overall body weight which can lead to inaccurate health indicator result. Body Volume Indicator technology can now be accessed through our API. The API, embedded in your app, can provide you (end user with body composition results calculated from two photos taken on any smartphone.

How the API works

API Image results

Our unprecedented and patented approach allows you to capture end user’s total body fat, visceral fat, front and side photos and BMI from just two photos taken on a smartphone and adding minimal personal data. The end user data is sent to our cloud server and results are calculated using our BVI algorithm are then sent back to your server. You can decide which data results to share with the end user, and how you want to share and display those results. 

Our flexible API allows you to decide if you send the full body images to our server or just the coordinate points that required to produce body composition outcomes. If selected, images can be normalised and retained for future reference on your server for validation or for tracking purposes.

BVI API Benefits


Easy access to body composition from end user smartphone, without any hardware or machines


BVI is low cost and affordable


The BVI API system provides almost instantaneous results to your server.


The API can be integrated into your system or app without need to invest in any hardware assets.


BVI API allows you to collect vast amounts of data in real time and track progress over time for end users.


BVI Technology is patented in US and 28 European countries, has FDA accreditation and is CE marked.


BVI technology is the result of a 10 year collaboration with Mayo Clinic (US) and the Medical Research Council (UK), and has been validated by a number of global academic and healthcare institutions.

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"BVI will over time, replace BMI" - The Mayo Clinic




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