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Tom King

Tom King

Lead Software Developer

It’s not very often that we can pry our Lead Software Developer, Tom King, away from his PC but we managed to catch a moment of his time today to ask him about his time spent so far with Select Research. Take a look at what he had to say…

What do you enjoy most about your role within BVI?

The best part about my job at Select Research is that I get to work on every aspect of the development process. We are able to go from an idea, to research, to implementation etc round and round until we end up with a highly polished product. This is something few developers get to do so i appreciate having a job where i can come to work and continue to enhance and improve a product.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the tech world?

I guess it might seem odd but I don't really follow any “personalities” in the tech world. I keep up to date with emerging technologies and new products that come out but mostly all you ever see are the big names at the top. So going on having to pick one of those people I’d probably say Elon Musk, he started out as a developer and turned that into space exploration, the most innovative car brand to ever exist and now futuristic transport, we can all dream of achieving as much as him and perhaps one day we might.

What has been your biggest achievement with BVI?

I will say the biggest achievement so far (because we have lots of big and exciting things coming up that will surely overshadow my current accomplishments), but so far I am extremely proud that in the last year we have managed to research and come up with a solution for a way to scan the body from a phone and calculate body composition results. Not only this but we have created two SDK’s for mobile platforms to allow customers to easily integrate into their products. As a developer I’m constantly frustrated by using undocumented half working products, it’s the bane of every developers life. Knowing this, we set out to make the sort of product we would want to work with if we were buying it and as a result we came up with something that I would be happy to receive and work on, and that I can be proud of.

What is your favourite song to get you in the zone?

I don’t have a specific favourite song that gets me in the right headspace for my work, it's not like i'm driving into work listening to eye of the tiger to get me pumped up for the day! But I do find that in this line of work (development) that it’s critical to be able to be locked in and focused on your work, and for me music really helps that. So although I don't have a favourite song to listen to, you can guarantee that on a Monday morning I will be at my desk listening to some form of heavy metal while silently working away trying to come up with a solution to a complex problem.

What is your advice to anyone looking to start a career in IT?

I can only really speak for software development as its all I’ve ever done, but I think it's important to start out by trying out a range of different aspects of development, and deciding what it is you enjoy and what your good at. I was a desktop developer for 4-5 years before having a look at mobile development, it turned out that I enjoyed it far more than desktop. So I decided to pursue it in my own time building on skills I already had and now I get to do it full time as my job and its great. I think the key point is that if your not happy (or not good at) doing web development, for example, don’t write off all software development based jobs, each one is different and maybe you just need to find the one that suits you best.

Which activity have you not tried, but would like to?

I’m very much a ‘petrol head’ outside of work, I love my cars and motorbikes. One thing I've never done is to actually push that side of me to the limits and it's something that I’ve always found appealing. So that would be my answer, to take my bike round Brands Hatch or the car to the Nürburgring, something like that!