Sex Education at the push of a button

Smartphones have become an invaluable tool in our everyday lives - giving users instant access to all human knowledge from a device that can fit right in your pocket. The Healthcare industry is going through a revolutionary period with healthcare apps allowing users greater access to their health information. There are apps available for everything from Dog Walking to Dating, Nutritional to News, so this Valentine's day we thought we would share with you 3 Sexual health apps. Get smart about your sexual health, and check out the following:

My Sex Doctor

my sd photo.jpg

Ever had a sex-related question that you are just too embarrassed to ask your doctor or a friend? My Sex Doctor is a program available which contains a multitude of information you may have missed in sex education classes. This app contains information ranging from puberty to a section on dating along with everything in between. The app is free for download, to both iOS and Android devices.

Clue Period Tracker


One way of gaining a greater understanding of your sexual health is through tracking your period. Now, nobody wants an app on their phone that screams out Period tracker, Welcome Clue. Clue is a discreet yet comprehensive period tracker. Sitting discreetly on your home screen the app provides the ability to track your fertile periods, ovulation as well as a range of other emotional and behavioural outcomes. One of the handy features within Clue is that you are able to set a reminder for when your period is due, meaning you never need to be caught out again.

Breast Test

breast test logo.png
breast test.png

Breast exams are important there is no doubt about it, but we are all guilty of on some level neglecting this. Now there are no excuses, welcome Breast Test. Breast Test is a free app which reminds you of your important monthly breast exam, it also includes instructions in the form of infographics on how to check your breasts for lumps allowing you to also take notes at the same time. The app is available in a variety of languages and on both iOS and Android devices. Breast to check!