Want to know how long your foot is? Measure your forearm!

15 March 2017

Have a try measuring your own forearm and feet a different way . . . .



Roll up your sleeve and hold your arm out in front of you, but with your elbow bent.  The palm of your hand should be facing upwards with your wrist slightly bent.


STEP 2: 

Take a 12” ruler and tuck it snugly against the bend in your inside elbow. Then measure to the bend in your wrist; the natural line on your skin that separates your hand from the rest of your arm is a good guide of where to measure to. 



Then measure your foot by taking off your shoe and sock.  Place the ruler on the floor and put your heel at one end of the ruler.  Take a measurement from the back of your heel to your big toe.


The results should be about the same! 


The human body is perfectly proportioned, and there are lots of other measurements that can be taken around the body that match others!


NOTE – If you don’t have a ruler and are able to do this, you can also use your own foot to measure your  forearm. Just sit down, put one leg across your knee so that foot fits into the other forearm.


INTERESTING FACT - Robert Wadlow (USA, 1918 - 1940), the tallest ever man, holds the all time record for the world’s largest feet, which were 47cm (18½ in) long.* (Ref: Guinness Book of Records)  He was  8 ft 11” (2.72 m) tall, so his forearms very likely measured the same as his feet! 

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