The Body Mass Index was invented in 1830. BVI was invented in 2000 and is a new indicator for health, based upon the weight distribution of a person, not only their total weight.  

Through #SpeakVolumes, a dialogue is being promoted about the evolution of Body Volume in healthcare; how it is measured, how it is used to allow the healthcare and scientific community understand BVI as a new, meaningful and valid additional measure of risk.

The #SpeakVolumes initiative is designed to:

  • Educate healthcare and fitness professionals on the importance of BVI as a new way to measure, track and talk about body composition.
  • Inspire patients and clients of healthcare and fitness professionals to think about their own health and fitness in a different way and understand the meaning of their own BVI.
  • Foster a community of healthcare and fitness professionals and ambassadors to provide a forum for the use of body volume in health and how it is measured.

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