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BMI,  based only on height and weight does not take age, gender, body shape or body composition into account; all crucial factors when looking at obesity designation and associated health risks for the individual.

BVI is a thorough way of measuring the human body; merging 3D body shape data and body composition data to calculate weight distribution and the health risks of carrying too much weight and body fat in the abdominal area.


  • Development of BVI has been led by the inventors; Select Research and 5 international collaborators. An additional 7 organisations have assisted with data capture, data validation and data analysis. Collaborators have included: Heartlands NHS Hospital, Aston University, University of Hull, the Medical Research Council, St Annes Hospital (Czech Republic) and  Mayo Clinic (USA).
  • 6 separate full body 3D Scanners were used to validate BVI data.
  • Over 10,000 men and women have been scanned under NHS and FDA ethics procedures during the study.
  • Data from over 40,000 3D body scans, MRI images and Cadaver data have been used as reference data for BVI.

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