Who Benefits from the BVI Pro App?

The BVI Pro app is for professionals who wish to provide their patient or client with information about their body weight distribution and composition; for health, wellness or fitness. The app will help professionals record and monitor changes in patient body composition over time in an accurate, easy and cost effective way. 

Professionals can use the BVI Pro as a tool to help assess and distinguish body composition and health risk factors, not capable through existing measures . The BVI Pro provides a new indicator with which to speak about the importance of understanding visceral fat and its associated risks. This has not been easily measurable or accessible on a large scale - until now. Using the "Access Data" button on the homepage, healthcare professionals can access the data for their patients, send it to them by email which will include a pdf of all the measurements and the definitions of each. 


Who is BVI Pro For?


Physician Assistants

Exercise Physiologists

Weight Management Specialists

Dietitians / Nutritionists

Athletic Trainers

Other Healthcare Professionals

Nurse Practitioners

How it Works

Our patented technology could not be simpler to use


First, enter the patient or client height and weight and other data on the patient/client detail page.


Then, take two photos (front and side view) of the patient or client and the BVI software identifies the body outlines to calculate the Body Volume Indicators. No other hardware is needed and the photographs are deleted.


In less than 30 seconds, our patented BVI software calculates the volume of body fat, visceral fat, abdomen volume, waist-to-hip ratio, BMI and the unique new BVI number. Never before has it been possible to deliver this directly from an app...

Your BVI

Your Body Volume Indicator is made up of 6 key indicators the BVI calculates

Body Volume

Abdomen Volume

Waist-to-Hip Ratio

Visceral Fat

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Volume Indicator (BVI) Number

Ready to try BVI Pro?

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