Over 80% of children are right footed

An image from the Body Volume technology depicting the leg measurements.
An image from the Body Volume technology depicting the leg measurements. 
10 March 2017
 Body Volume technology was used for ‘Shape GB’, the first ever national sizing survey to measure children aged 4 -17. The results produced made for interesting reading and highlighted some strong trends; for example, did you know that the average right thigh girth in boys and girls is always bigger than the left? 
The average right thigh for boys is 0.45cm bigger in circumference than the left and the average right thigh for girls is 0.42cm bigger than the left, across all of the yearly age groups. 
This is the first time that this type of 3D data has been made available, and it demonstrates that automatic measurement is key to understanding changes in body shape over time.  These small yet crucial differences could not be detected accurately using manual measurement.  
Data from the 2,500 3D scans was analysed further and supported the anecdotal evidence that approximately 81% of people are right footed1. This provides an indication of the potential for future measurement of muscle development in children, which has implications for sports science and school sports activities in the future.
Children running anticlockwise on athletics tracks, kicking balls with the right foot and climbing stairs with their leading foot are all deemed to be contributing factors.

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