BVI as a Risk Indicator

Below is a short film featuring Professor Jimmy Bell and Dr Louise Thomas, scientists who have been helping to fuse and validate the MRI and 3D data for BVI since 2008; at the Medical Research Council and latterly at the University of Westminster.

BVI is a system that measures body composition by part volume to produce a ratio of health risk based upon a person's weight distribution and in particular, how much weight is located in the abdomen; recognised worldwide as the most significant indicator of risk. By accessing unique MRI data, BVI can to predict visceral fat, (indentified as the most dangerous type of fat) from just two photographs of someone.

BVI is able to:-

  • Automatically measure the changes in a person's body volume and part volume;establishing where weight is distributed. 
  • Assess the risks associated with greater or less volume in a given region, for example the abdominal area
  • Compare a patient's body volume against the average for their age, ethnicity and gender
  • Offer clinicians a new diagnostic tool to discuss sensitive body shape issues with a patient and as a motivational tool for obesity and other sensitive health issues