BBC Three will televise autopsy to show us the effects of fat

5 September 2016

BBC Three has announced that they will be televising the post mortem of an obese lady who died as a result of heart disease. The lady in question has donated her body for research, it will be transported 5,000 miles from California to London for the autopsy.

In a world where what we look like is often a priority, the effect of our lifestyles on our organs is rarely given as much thought. Leading pathologist Dr Mike Osborn and Anatomical Pathology Technologist Carla Valentine will be performing the autopsy to show us exactly what the excess fat in our bodies can do to our organs.

Exclusive use of the largest and most comprehensive collection of Body Composition Data (BCD) of visceral fat data from MRI scans and cadaver studies in the world has been used to develop BVI. Used as an App, BVI can be used to scan/photograph lightly clothed patients, then comparing their BCD database to predict their body fat and visceral fat.

For the first time ever, we can know about the fat inside us before we get to the morgue.

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