The Body Volume REST API allows developers to integrate the body volume measurement capability into desktop and smartphone/tablet applications.

The API provides a large number of results to the user, including:

                Body Volumes (7 body parts)

                Body Composition (Total Fat, Visceral Fat)

                Health Measurements (BMI, BVI, WHR)

                Body Shape Data (up to 200 linear and circumference measurements)


In order to generate these results the BVI server must be provided with carefully prepared front and side outlines of a human subject, derived from a pair of photos captured to a set specification, along with information regarding the subject’s age, height, weight, gender, activity level, and country of residence.


To get started, we recommend that you first review the iOS app “BVI Pro” which should be used as a model for collection of the required data to be sent to the API.  This app shows the entire process from creating an account, through making measurements, to reviewing past results.  All activities are managed via the API.


 If you are interested in using the API, please e-mail us at to discuss your requirements in more detail and to request an API key.  We can also offer development services to create a customised variant of the BVI Pro app to meet your particular needs.

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