Body Volume Indicator (BVI)

BVI America LLC, a subsidiary of Select Research Ltd, a pioneer company in 3D measurement, developed the BVI technology as part of a 10-year collaborative development with the Mayo Clinic and other global partners. BVI represents the world’s first dedicated 3D measurement tool designed to calculate weight distribution and body composition.

Measuring body volume using a 3D image is patented technology in the U.S and all 28 countries of the EU. Dividing the body shape into seven segments, BVI technology focuses on the individuals shape so that body volume and composition can be analyzed for each segment.

Using our patented 3D body volume imaging algorithm, BVI technology calculates health risk factors associated with body weight and fat distribution, providing a deeper insight into individual body health and fitness.


The best way to track your health and fitness.

Download the BVI Pro app on an iPad or iPhone. 

The measurement of total volume of body fat and visceral fat is obtained by combining a person’s 3D shape with data on height, weight, age, gender and level of fitness.

Take two photos using the view finder, one front on and one from the side to develop a 3D image.

The Body Volume Indicator (BVI) number will provide a new and unique insight into your health without requiring any additional hardware.


Who is it for?

BVI Pro is designed for Health, Wellness, and Fitness professionals to use on a day-to-day basis, enabling them to provide their patients and clients with an accurate and useful indication of levels of health or fitness as an enhancement to Body Mass Index.


We are busy improving the user experience on BVI Pro and will be back on the App Store soon.

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Returning to the App Store Soon!